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Privacy - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 - WHEREAS: Pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR"), Spazio del Sé informs you that your personal data (hereinafter referred to as the "Data"), will be processed in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR and any applicable legislation regarding the processing of personal data in accordance with the information below. 1) Data Controller and Data Protection Officer: Following consultation of this site, data relating to identified or identifiable persons may be processed. The Data Controller is: Martino Coppola - CF: CPPMTN85R16L319U - VAT: 03427520139 - Via dei Girasoli 7, Fabro (TR), CAP 05015, hereinafter referred to as the "Data Controller". The Data Protection Manager can be contacted at info@spaziodelse.com for information on the processing of Data. 2) Categories of Data: The Data processed by the Data Controller includes: (i) personal data (name, surname, identity document, tax code, age, sex), address of residence or domicile and contact details (telephone, email address); (ii) bank and/or payment data. 3) Purposes, legal basis for processing and Legitimate interest: The Data will be processed for the fulfillment of administrative purposes related to the activities of Spazio del Sé and legal obligations, pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, letter b) and c) of the GDPR, as well as the pursuit of the legitimate interest of the Owner, to art. 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR, in reference to: a) completion of all phases related to the activities of Spazio del Sé and specific appeals promoted by the Owner, including instrumental activities (eg. communications on payments, payments, etc. ...). b) compliance with internal administrative procedures and compliance with legal obligations or regulations in force in Italy. c) the sending of communications of a commercial and promotional nature relating to projects, activities and initiatives, as well as surveys and research reserved for customers and other parties who have previously expressed interest in the actions of the Owner. In any case, the processing of your Data carried out on the basis of the legitimate interest of the Data Controller is carried out in compliance with the provisions of Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR, as well as with the provisions of recital no. 47 and Opinion no. 6/2014 Article 29 Data Protection Working Party, paragraph III.3. .1. 4) Methods of processing: Your Data are collected and recorded lawfully and correctly for the purposes indicated above and are also processed with the aid of electronic and automated tools, including by entering and organizing them in databases, in accordance with the provisions of GDPR on security measures, and, in any case, in such a way as to ensure the security and confidentiality of the Data. 5) Recipients or categories of recipients: The Data may be made accessible, brought to the attention of or communicated to the following subjects, who will be appointed by the Data Controller, as the case may be, as data processors - the list of which is available at the Data Controller's registered office or at http://www.spaziodelse.com/chi-siamo/: Employees and/or collaborators in any capacity of the Owner. Or public or private subjects, natural or legal persons, which the Owner makes use of for the performance of activities instrumental to the achievement of the above mentioned purpose or to which the Owner is required to communicate the Data by virtue of legal or contractual obligations. In any case, the Data will not be disclosed to third parties. 6) Transfer of Data abroad: The Data cannot be transferred to third countries (non-EU). 7) Storage period: The Data will be stored for a period of time not exceeding 10 (ten) years for administrative purposes and, in any case, for the time strictly necessary to pursue the legitimate interest of the Owner. 8) Rights of access, cancellation, limitation and portability: The Owner informs you that you are granted the rights set forth in articles 15 to 20 of GDPR. By way of example, by sending a specific request to the email address info@spaziodelse.com, you may: a) obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning you is being processed. b) if processing is in progress, obtain access to the data and information relating to the processing, as well as request a copy of the data. c) obtain correction of inaccurate data and integration of incomplete personal data. d) obtain, if one of the conditions provided for in art. 17 of GDPR is met, cancellation of the Data concerning you. e) to obtain, in the cases provided for by art. 18 of GDPR, the limitation of the processing of the Data concerning you. f) to receive the Data concerning you in a structured format, in common use and readable by automatic device and to request their transmission to another holder, if technically feasible. 9) Right to object: Pursuant to art. 21 of GDPR, you will also have the right to object at any time to the processing of your Data carried out for the pursuit of the legitimate interest of the Data Controller by writing to info@spaziodelse.com. In case of opposition, the Data will no longer be processed, provided that there are no legitimate reasons to proceed with the processing that prevail over the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subjects, or to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in court. 10) Right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor: The Data Controller also informs you that you may lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data if it considers that your rights have been violated in accordance with GDPR or any other applicable law, in the manner indicated on the website of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data accessible at: https://gdpr-info.eu/ I AGREE: To the processing of my personal data in compliance with the principles of privacy protection, established in accordance with art. 13 of Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 and as mentioned in the above information.

Course and services offered by MARTINO COPPOLA - CPPMTN85R16L319U - Born in TRADATE (VA) on 16/10/1985, and by anyone working for the organization called SPAZIO DEL SÉ, VAT 03427520139, are regulated by italian law 4/2013 "Provisions regarding non-organized professions". These practices have no scientific value and the operators who carry them out are neither doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists or psychotherapists, therefore they cannot provide diagnosis, prescribe or administer drugs, nor formulate therapies. People who decide to use these services do so in full conscience, freedom and responsibility. Under no circumstances can these practices be considered a therapy, nor is it recommended to suspend or reduce ongoing medical therapies. The above practices do not formally constitute physical treatment, therefore no specific results are guaranteed. Always consult a licensed physician to take care of your physical and/or mental state. Each person is responsible for themselves and their medical, psychological or psychiatric care. Who reads this information and agree to it waives any kind of legal action against MARTINO COPPOLA, or any operator of Spazio del Sé, whose list can be consulted at the headquarters of Spazio del Sé in Via dei Girasoli 7, Fabro (TR), CAP 05015, or at www.spaziodelse.com/chi-siamo, and releases all persons indicated in this document from any liability.

Every customer of this website (Space of the Higher Self: www.spaziodelse.com/eng) are obliged to treat as confidential all data and information transmitted by the owner of this website, Martino Coppola, born on 1985/10/16 in Tradate (Varese- Italy), by Marlene Asaro, born on 1973/10/05 in Freetown (Sierra Leone), and by any other customer or teacher of this website, not to disclose them and not to use them for any purpose than those agreed upon and functional to the performance of the aforementioned activities described on this website. This agreement shall have the value of a Non-disclosure Agreement and obliges both parties to refrain from disclosing information and notions acquired reciprocally during courses and activities of Space of the Higher Self (Spazio del Sé, owned by Martino Coppola). The Data Controller, Martino Coppola, all his staff, and all his customers have signed this Non-disclosure Agreement and are therefore obliged not to disclose the information described above, including manuals, handouts, audio, video or any other multimedia support.