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Martino Coppola

Martin, patronymic of Mars, descendant of St. Martin, the noble knight who took off his cloak to cover a poor beggar. Saint Martìn is also the fire released from the waters. Coppola, from the house with the gliph of a cup, symbol of the water Tarot seed that speaks of love, feelings, creativity, art and spirituality. Born under the sign of Libra, which gives him balance and righteousness, with Gemini as ascendant, which adds inspiration and creativity. The arcana of his destiny are the XIII, The Death, and the IV, the Emperor, which give him at the same time the ability to adapt and transform, but also consolidation and concreteness. 

  • From 2016 to now              
    • Holistic and Spiritual Healer: he founds the Holistic Center “Spazio del Sé” (Space of the Higher Self), previously named “SAI – Spazio Arcano Interiore” (Space of the Inner Arcane).
    • Certified EFT coach (Emotional Freedom Techinque).
    • Meditation coach.
    • Tarot teacher.
    • Ritual coach.
    • Vocal Healing coach.
    • Tarot reader.
    • EFT healer.
  • 2015-2016                          
    • Businessman and manager of the Holistic Bar “Green House” in the city of Meda (Itlay).
  • 2014                                     
    • Screenwriters and Director of “iTeatranti” (e-theatre guys)  – Project by ICMA – Istututo Cinematografico Michelangelo Antonioni (Cinemathografic Institute Michelangelo Antonioni).
  • 2014                                     
    • Main character of short movie “Il Silenzio in Sala” (Silence in Theatre), winner ICMA movie award as best director.
  • 2013                                     
    • Main character of short movie “Orpheus”, winner ICMA movie award as best director.
  • 2011 – 2014                       
    • Actor’s teacher in the high school “Istituto Superiore A. Creppi” in Moticello Brianza (Italy), and creator of the webseries “Classrum” for Youtube Channel “TinoMar”.
  • 2011-2012                          
    • Artistic director of the theatre company “Metaskené” (in the north of Italy).
  • 2012                                     
    • Director, screenwriter, and actor of the play “La Signora Battista” (Mrs Battista), about women violence, based on the Guy de Maupassante’s short-novel “Madame Baptiste”.
  • 2011                                     
    • Director of the play “Checov on the rocks”, and screenwriter of the play “Giovani d’oggi” (Nowday’s youth) for theatre company “Metaskené”.
  • 2011                                     
    • Appearance in Aldo Lado’s movie “Nocturno di Chopin” (Nocturne of Chopin).
  • 2006                                     
    • Actor’s teacher in “Spunk Teatro” company in Saronno (Italy). Now named “Must Teatro”. 
  • 2004-2005                          
    • Volounteer in Mental and Social care center in the city of Saronno (Italy) as helper in drama-therapy.
  • From 2005 to now              
    • Study and reaserch in Tarot reading and Tarot symbolism.
  • 2020                                     
    • Registered member of Tarosophy association.
  • 2019                                     
    • Study of Tibetan Bowls in the study center “Govinda” in Torino (Italy).
  • 2019                                     
    • 1° and 2° level of Tibetan Bowls with tibetan master Thonla Sonam in Milano (Italy).
  • 2018                                     
    • 2°, 3° level and certification of E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with the EFT Master Judith Rivera Rosso of “Positivamente in Langa” association in Roccaverano (Italy).
  • 2018                                     
    • Course of “Karmic and Evolutionary Astrology” with Roberta Lucca.
  • 2018                                     
    • Course of “Numerology” with Roberta Lucca.
  • 2016                                     
    • 1° level of E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with the EFT Master Judith Rivera Rosso of “Positivamente in Langa” association in Roccaverano (Italy).
  • 2011- 2014                   
    • Graduation on Movie Director got from ICMA – Istituto Cinematografico Michelangelo Antonioni (Cinemathografic Institute Michelangelo Antonioni) in Busto Arsizio (Italy).
  • 2011                            
    • Voice and Speaking workshop with Ottavio Bordone, from Spunk Teatro company.
  • 2011                            
    • Acting workshops with Carlos Maria Alsina, Arturo Di Tullio and Roberta Rovelli.
  • 2010                            
    • Acting workshop about “Pulp acting method” with Cesare Gallarini and Arturo Di Tullio.
    • Acting workshop about “Physical Action Method” with argentinian master Carlos Maria Alsina.
  • 2007-2008                    
    • PPA (Professional Program for Artists) with Actor’s Studio teacher Dominique De Fazio in Roma (Italy) – Strasberg-Stanislavskij method.
  • 2004-2007                   
    • Workshops of Dancing-Acting with choreographer Alessandra Costa.
  • 2003-2006                    
    • Triennial Actor’s school Spunk Teatro in Saronno (Italy).
  • 2005                            
    • High school certification in software programming.


Course and services offered by MARTINO COPPOLA – CPPMTN85R16L319U – Born in TRADATE (VA) on 16/10/1985, and by anyone working for the organization called SPAZIO DEL SÉ, VAT 03427520139, are regulated by italian law 4/2013 “Provisions regarding non-organized professions”. These practices have no scientific value and the operators who carry them out are neither doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists or psychotherapists, therefore they cannot provide diagnosis, prescribe or administer drugs, nor formulate therapies. IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE, CLICHHERE

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