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Informed consent

Course and services offered by MARTINO COPPOLA – CPPMTN85R16L319U – Born in TRADATE (VA) on 16/10/1985, and by anyone working for the organization called SPAZIO DEL SÉ, VAT 03427520139, are regulated by italian law 4/2013 “Provisions regarding non-organized professions”. These practices have no scientific value and the operators who carry them out are neither doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists or psychotherapists, therefore they cannot provide diagnosis, prescribe or administer drugs, nor formulate therapies. People who decide to use these services do so in full conscience, freedom and responsibility. Under no circumstances can these practices be considered a therapy, nor is it recommended to suspend or reduce ongoing medical therapies. The above practices do not formally constitute physical treatment, therefore no specific results are guaranteed. Always consult a licensed physician to take care of your physical and/or mental state. Each person is responsible for themselves and their medical, psychological or psychiatric care. Who reads this information and agree to it waives any kind of legal action against MARTINO COPPOLA, or any operator of Spazio del Sé, whose list can be consulted at the headquarters of Spazio del Sé in Via Mar Tirreno 5, Pomezia (RM), CAP 00071, or at www.spaziodelse.com/chi-siamo, and releases all persons indicated in this document from any liability.

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